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Momicho giga
NEDO super hybrid material technical development (2008 - 2011)

Organic / Inorganic hybrid nanoparticle, supercritical hydrothermal synthesis Momicho series.

Continuous hybrid synthesis which was difficult to make by conventional process.

[NEDO PROJECT] Realizing 10 t/year production

Making particle dispersible in resin by modifying the surface of the thermal conductive filler.

The result of NEDO project [Super hybrid material technology development 2007-2011]
ITEC Co. has developed this system, as a member of the research of JCII (Japan Chemical Innovation and Inspection Institute), jointly with Professor Adschiri of Tohoku University.

Feature of Momicho giga

Momicho giga is a production system for the super hybrid material which is a key for the material processing, for heat dissipation sheet, resin print circuit board,
packaging material and IC sealing material. The surface modification makes the filler dispersible in the resin without damaging the original feature of the resin.For example the surface modification makes the BN and alumina particles more dispersible thus it makes easy mixing and increase the molderbility and reduce void and makes the heat transfer much better.

  • 1.Possible to make high degree of crystallinity of organic / Inorganic particles
  • 2.Automatic processing is possible including material supply,reaction, collection, concentration and separation.
  • 3.Operation and data administrations are prosecuted by LCD touch panel
  • 4.High energy saving is achieved by utilizing high efficiency heat exchanger (More than 70% heat exchange).

Supply unit

  • 1.Possible to feed slurry / viscos liquid stably
        Possible to feed highly concentrated slurry (35 wt%).
  • 2. Easy to flush the pipe line at material change (Auto flushing).
        Possible to flush the line automatically before and after processing.
  • 3.Easy disassemble cleaning
        Disassemble cleaning is easy, since the cylinders are designed for simple disassembling.
  • 4. Preventing precipitation by stirring
        Specially designed stirrer is equipped inside bottom of the cylinder.
        Thus the slurry is fed homogeneously without precipitating.
  • 5. Continuous / high pressure discharge without pulsation
        No spike occurs at cylinder alternation, since stand-by cylinder has been prepared at high pressure, before the alternation.

Reaction unit

  • 1.Rapid heating by high functional heater
        Rapid heating is possible by development of super dense heater.
        Possible to heat us to 600℃(Optional heater required)Capacity can be increased by numbering.
  • 2.High efficiency is achieved by heat exchange
        High heat recycle is achieved by special heat exchanger for continuous process.
  • 3.Easy parameter change and precise control
        Operation parameters, such as pressure, temperature and process time (Reaction coil to
        be changed) are easy to change without losing precise control.
  • 4. Easy maintenance
        The reaction coil, reheat coil (including re-heater)and SCW heater
         (optional) are installed on the same ceiling plate. It is easy to take out with
        ceiling plate as one unit for maintenance.

Collection unit

  • 1. Stable pressure adjustment
        No plugging or wearing occurs, since the pressure is controlled at water side of the cylinder.
        The product can be collected at high pressure.
  • 2.Continuous / high pressure collection without pulsation
        No spike occurs at cylinder alternation, since stand-by cylinder has been prepared at
        high pressure, before the alternation.
  • 3. High concentration slurry can be collected
        High concentration slurry can be collected at steadily at high pressure, continuously.
  • 4. Easy disassemble cleaning
        Disassemble cleaning is easy, since the cylinders are designed for simple disassembling.

Washing and drying unit

  • 1. Continuous operation is possible
  • 2. Selection of A basin system, an oil system possible
  • 3. Whole amount filtration system is applied
        Energy saving and Separation efficiency are improved.
  • 4. Washing solvent (ethanol) is recycled.
        The ethanol, which is used for washing, is recycled by recycler for reuse.
  • 5. Waste heat is reused
        The heat is required at drying process is a recycled waste heat from the reaction unit.

Control system

  • 1.Safety first electrical design
        In order to make the system safely, circuits are separated unit by nit,
        which makes the ground fault easier. All the units are linked by
        Ethernet for remote control (future arrangement).
  • 2.Legible screen and easy operation
        15” screen is equipped for the LCD. Status of the system is
        very easy to see, since all the active devices and lines are lit on the LCD screen.
  • 3. Adoption of icon touch system
        Device is operated with touching the icon on the LCD screen.
  • 4. Smart data logging
        Status of all the devices and trends can be monitored.

Heat balance sheet

The heat generated at the reaction unit is efficiently recovered by two step of heat exchangers.

  • 1.High temperature heat recovery / Low temperature heat recovery
        The high temperature waste heat recovered at the
        product cooling unit will be used at as heater for purified water.
        The medium temperature waste heat coming out from the high temperature heat exchange     will be used at surface modifier heating and raw material heating. (total 55% or over)
  • 2.Low temperature heat recovery
        The waste heat coming out from the medium heat exchanger will
        be used for product concentration and drying as cascade heat. (total 15% or over)

Filler particle synthesized by Momicho Giga

Becomes super hybrid material eliminating trade off (Thermal conductivity⇔Insulation, processability).


The spreading applicable field

Market size: Power semiconductor ($100 billion US), LED for lighting ($4 billion US) as final products

High thermal conductive material and its character utilizing organically modified nano particle

Super-hybrid material has contributed to improvement in thermal conductivity.


Utility 1) Power supply: 3phaseAC200V 150A
2) Air: 0.5MPa or over (Connection φ10 air tube)
3) Dimensions: W8,700×D1,700×H2,200
1. Supply unit 1) Type: Continuous high pressure slurry pump
2) Slurry discharge: 12 ℓ/hr
3) Slurry supply cylinder (with stirrer) 200cc 2sets
4) Discharge pressure: 30HPa nominal
5) Display: Flow rate setting / flow rate・Discharge pressure
6) Safety device: Auto stop at pressure high
7) Raw material supply to the cylinder: Pneumatic supply system
8) Purified water tank, mixing tank, pressurize tank, surface modifier tank,
     drive water tank: One each
9) Purified water pump, pressurize pump, raw material pump, surface
     modifier pump, drive water pump, purified water refill pump,
     drive water recovery pump: One each
2. Reaction unit 1) Heating oven: Hot air circulating heating oven max 400℃
2) Super heater: Equipped in the oven max 450℃
3) SCW heater: Precise adjustment heater max 450℃ (Optional)
4) Temperature control: PID control
5) Mixing nozzle: for raw material and surface modifier: One each
6) Operation: Operated by LCD touch panel
7) Temperature and pressure indications: Heating oven, super heater,
     after raw material mixing, after surface modifier mixing,
     outlet at reaction unit
8) Reactor: equipped in the heating oven
9) Heat exchanger and cooler: One each
10) Control, instruments, touch panel: One set each
3. Collection unit 1) Collection cylinder: 400cc 2 sets
2) Pressure control: No.1 cylinder, No.2 cylinder; One set each
3) Purified water tank, Pressurized tank, drive water tank, waste water tank: One each
4) Pressurize pump, drive water pump, purified water refill pump,
     flushing water recovery pump, and flushing pump: One each
4. Washing, cleaning
   and drying unit
1) Cleaning
    Product liquid collection tank, filtering fluid tank, cleaning tank,
    cleaning media tank,: one each. Collection tank 3 sets
    Product solution liquid supply pump, cleaned product supply pump,
    collected liquid supply pump: One each
    Collection water supply pump 2 sets
    Filter press 1 set
2) Drying
    Drying device, solution condensator, deodorizer tank, filter box,
    oil heater, distillation / reproduction device pneumatic system
    and control panel