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High pressure slurry pump (double cylinder type)

Our slurry pump can feed the slurry into a high pressure line in a stable manner. The slurry pump consists of cylinders, a plunger pump that supply the water to the cylinder, and a raw material tank. The slurry in the cylinders pumps by the water supply at a maximum pressure of 30MPa. The cylnders and the raw material tank have a stirrer to make the slurry homogeneous. Slurry supply from the raw material tank to the cylinders can be made by compressed air. This is a double cylinder type, thus it can be operated continuously; the slurry feeding will not stop when either cylinder is empty. After operation, disassembly and cleaning the cylinder is easy. A touch panel is used for operation, making it easy to operate while viewing the status of the slurry pump.


  • Feeding of slurry and high viscosity solutions
  • Easy system cleaning during material changeover with an automatic cleaning function
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Flow rate adjustment function
  • Prevention of particle precipitation and separation by stirring
  • High-pressure continuous supply without pulsation


Operating pressureUp to 30MPa
Operating temperatureRoom temperature
Feeding rate0.1-10 ml/min
(100 ml/min type is also available)
Volume of cylinders200ml x2

Flow diagram


  • Liquid with high viscosity
  • Slurry

*Please contact us regarding viscosity, particle size, concentration and solvent to be used. Depending on the solvent, it may be necessary to change the material of the packing and piping.

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