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Drysnow DS-2 in-line type

For production lines.
Two drysnow guns can be connected to one controller.
All you need is a CO2 cylinder, compressor air, and a power supply.


An example

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Specifications of DS-2

Size / weight

  • Controller: W425 x D412 x H360 mm 25kg
  • Drysnow gun: W57 x H70 x L270 mm 2.4kg (Two drysnowguns are available for single controller)


  • Liquid CO2: 5-6 MPa (room temp.), siphon type cylinder
  • 電源: AC100V 15A 50/60HzElectricity: AC100V 15A 50/60Hz (can be changed)
  • Compressed air: 0.5-0.7 MPa


  • Power: 800 W
  • Liquid CO2: ~100-300 g/min/drysnowgun (also available for 30-150 g/min)
  • Carrier gas: 150Nl/min (compressed dry air / nitrogen)


  • Control panel (with 3000mm connection cable) x1
  • Drysnowgun (with 0.5mm filter x1, connection tube, 1800mm cable) x2
  • CO2 cooling unit W250 x D200 x H160, 5.3kg x 1 /gun
  • Connection tube (3000mm) for a CO2 cylinder (with 0.5mm filter x1 and fittings) x1
  • Connection tube for an air compressor (φ6, 3000mm) x1
  • Manual x1


  • Drysnowgun with wide nozzle
  • Fine filter (0.1μm) x1 /gun

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