Functional nanomaterials


The following samples can be provided for a fee. Please contact us for samples of other functional nanomaterials.

  1. Zirconium oxide nanoparticles “Zirconeo”

See the table below for details. Nanomaterials other than those listed below can also be manufactured. Please contact us for details. Please refer to Q.4 for the dispersion liquid.

Product Zirconium oxide Cerium oxide
Chemical formula ZrO₂ CeO₂
Name Zirconeo-Cp Zirconeo-Rp dispersion Cerium oxide dispersion
Diameter <10nm <10nm Q4 <10nm Q4

Zirconia is offered in both powder and dispersion form. For other nanomaterials, we basically handle only powders, not pellets, sheets, etc.

See the types in the table below for details. Toluene is less stable. We may be able to manufacture dispersions with solvents and concentrations other than those listed below, so please contact us for details.

Zirconium oxide dispersant
ProductZirconium oxideCerium oxide
Water30wt% with dispersant(acid), without dispersant (alkali)
MEK30wt% with dispersant
PGMEA30wt% with dispersant

It is in units of 100g to several tens of kg.
In particular, zirconia is in stock. If you need a large amount of other materials, please contact us for the delivery date.

Please request from the inquiry.

It usually takes about 10 days. If it is out of stock, it will need to be manufactured, so please consult us.


Please see the table below.

Product Zirconium oxide Cerium oxide
Name Zirconeo-Cp Zirconeo-Rp Cerium oxide
BET 230 ~ 250 m²/g 70 ~ 100 m²/g
Zirconia paint applied to acrylic plate

Refractive index, gloss, haze

Water dispersions of zirconia are stable, but the stability decreases as the dispersant becomes more non-polar. Toluene dispersion of zirconia, in particular, will gel at room temperature storage, so it should be placed in the freezer and used as soon as possible.


It is expected to be used in the following areas

Examples of application fields
Zirconium oxideHigh refractive index materials (coating materials, optical films, light guide plates, prism sheets, refractive index modifiers), dental materials, sensors, etc.
Cerium oxideCatalysts, high oxygen storage materials, etc.

Zirconium oxide (ZrO₂) and cerium oxide (CeO₂) are manufactured using our supercritical water treatment system (MOMI-cho). See item “Supercritical water synthesis systen” for detail. Please refer to Q.8 for the nanoparticles that can be manufactured.


The following catalogs and brochures are available. Please request them from the “Contact Us” page on this website.

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Dispersion p.1

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