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Transparent screen “Palumylu” High transparency and wide viewing angle

Palumylu is a transparent screen developed by applying our supercritical technology. It has good color reproducibility and can be attached to window glass or acrylic panels for image projection using a projector.

Overview of Palumylu

By simply applying the film, the glass can be used as a projection screen.

You can view an image from any angles
High contrast, and high brightness was achieved for both the rear and front projection. Short focus projector is available due to the large-angle light scattering.

Suitable for a projection to wide size
It is possible for 100 inch size screen.

Good color reproducibility
Color balance was tuned to be the best.

Transparent glass windows display
It is useful for glass signage and events.

Low cost
Our products are not only the screen itself but also the nano-materials for optical use.

Easy installation
The film can be easily set on a flat plane by water splaying.

Product usage example

Product luneup

Palumylu screen (C-8, C-15, C-30); transparent type

This type has high transparency and can display images superimposed on the background. It has a wide viewing angle and excellent visibility.

Palumylu screen (W); white type (opaque)

This type has high brightness and can display bright images. Both rear and front projection are possible. The viewing angle is wide and bright images can be seen from anywhere in 360 degrees.

Product introduction video (in Japanese)


Screen filmPriceTransparencyViewing angleColor balanceBrightness
Palumylu (C8)33332
Palumylu (C15)32333
Company A0333-23-2
Company B02323
Company C21113
Company D21223
Company E21223
3: Excellent, 2: Good, 1: Fair, 0: Poor


Screen film typeC-8C-15C-30W
Thickness (μm)100100100125
Light transmittance (%)~87~78~84~49
Haze (%)~7~1110-20~98


Palumylu is expected to be used in places where many people gather, such as sightseeing events, exhibitions, airports, train stations, stadiums and live concerts.
Since transparency can be maintained even when the film is attached to glass or acrylic panels, it can be used in the following situations, for example

Shop window

Information and services are displayed as videos on the glass of the store door.

Pillar advertising

At stations, advertisements are displayed on the surface of pillars that are large and curved.

Aquariums and museums

Exhibits and animals on the other side of the screen are superimposed on the screen image.

Installation examples

A constraction company

7m x 1.3m white type screen (opaque) on partition glass. Three projectors were used. Both for rear and front projections were applied.。

Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F [Ceramics exhibition, 2018]

80 inch white type screen (opaque).

Osaka South Bay ATC 10F Design Floor

100 inch transparent type screen on glass plate. Using a 3000 lm projector (rear projection)

Kobe City Hall, Exhibition of disarster prevention

80 inch white type screen (opaque) with short focus projector.

Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F [Valentine event, 2018]

80 inch white type screen (opaque).

Nagoya, Chunichi building 1F

100 inch white type screen (opaque). Using a 3000 lm projector (rear projection)

Other examples

Exhibition of contents in the castle tower
Window glass at the time of a department store event

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