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Supercritical hydrothermal synthesis system (MOMI-cho mini)Lab-scale apparatus

This system synthesizes nanoparticles in supercritical water. The metal salt solution at room temperature is mixed with supercritical water and heated rapidly. Then the metal oxide nano particles are produced by hydrolysis of metal ion. When an organic compound as modifier is introduced into this system, the surface of the nano particles can be organic-modified. If you already have particles which should be organic modified, the particles can be feeded by slurry pump into the reactor of MOMI-cho system


  • Highly crystallized nanoparticles can be synthesized
  • Testing with various modifiers is possible.
  • Continuous and fast synthesis.
  • Sampling is possible while changing the experimental conditions.


Maximum pressure30MPa
Maximum temperature450℃ (before mixing raw material)
Feeding rate600 ml/hr

Flow diagram


  • Organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles (CeO2, ZrO2, etc.)
  • Several metal oxide nano particles (ZnO, VO2, etc.)
  • Several multiple oxide nanoparticles (BaTiO3, SrFe12O19, etc.)
  • Others

Patent No.

JP3663408 / JP5409038 / JP5500535 / JP5538100 / JP5559971

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