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Management policy

Aiming to be a one-of-a-kind company with "Advanced supercritical technologies" as the keyword.

We will grow as a research and development company by actively working on "development of new environmentally friendly 21st century products".

Management principle

Our company contributes to society through providing the products and the services which obtains satisfaction to meet customer needs and expectation.


Message from the president

ITEC Co., Ltd. CEO Masayasu Iida                    

ITEC Co., Ltd.
CEO Masayasu Iida

Japan, where I was born and raised, has wonderful nature and enriches my life in each season. There are also abundant and prosperous creatures in the frigid regions of Antarctica and the Arctic. We are now required to build a recycling-oriented society that can maintain the prosperity of today that humankind has built while protecting this wonderful environment of the earth, and continue and develop toward the future. I think that the key word of the energy source necessary for building this recycling-oriented society is "sun, water, air", and the key word of technological development is "advanced supercritical technologies".
We have been creating new materials and developing equipment using water and carbon dioxide as reaction fields in supercritical systems that utilize high-temperature and high-pressure technology. This process was started through industry-academia collaboration, and 10 years have already passed, and today we are finally in the stage of practical application. Energy-related and environment-related businesses will continue to grow with the times. We will accelerate the practical application of these functional nanoparticle synthesis technologies and do our best to help society by providing next-generation advanced materials necessary for building a recycling-oriented society. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Please do not hesitate to give us your opinions, impressions, or anything about our company.
We'll be expecting you.


Company profile

Company name ITEC Co., Ltd.
Address Head office, R&D center 3-161-2, Kaisan-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0982, Japan
TEL 072-226-8853 / FAX 072-226-6653

Hamadera factory
1-132, Hamadera-Funao-cho Higashi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 592-8341, Japan
Established June 1995
Capital 50 million JPY
CEO Masayasu IIDA

Business content

Advanced Supercritical Technologies

- Toward an earth-friendly furure -

Services in the field of supercritical fluids utilizing high-temperature and high-pressure technology



(1) 20 minutes walk from Sakai Station on the Nankai Line from the west exit, or 5 minutes by taxi
(2) A 10-minute walk from Shichido Station on the Nankai Line (Shichido Station only stops regular trains)


Please park in the on-site parking lot. Up to 2 cars can be parked, but if the car is full, please use the nearby toll parking lot.
When you arrive, please call at the doorway intercom on the left side.

3-161-2, Kaisan-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0982, Japan
Tel: 072-226-8853


1995年 JunEstablished (CRT manufacturing)
1998 AprSupercritical CO2 business was launched
1999 AugSakai technical center was opened
2002 Feb Head office relocation (Kannabe-cho, Sakai)
2003 JanSupercritical water business was launched
2006 Jun Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Kinki Economic and Industrial Bureau), "Hydrogen recovery technology from waste metals"
2007 Sep Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (NEDO) "development of super hybrid materials (development of reciprocal functional materials by nano-level structure control)" five years project
2009 Jun Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry 2009 "100 active monozukuri companies in Kansai" Sep Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Kinki Economic and Industrial Bureau), "Support industry" was adopted: Synthesis of nano nickel particles by supercritical hydrothermal method
2010 Apr The 22nd "Excellent New Technology / New Product Award"
Dec 7th Business feasibility certification “Sakai Frontier”
2011 JanEcology and low carbon technology certification “Sakai Ecology Challenging company
FebSME Infrastructure Development Organization, Japan Venture Award 2011
OctMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Tohoku Economic and Industrial Bureau), “Support industry" was adopted: “Synthesis of nano magnetic particle by using a device of supercritical hydrothermal synthesis”
2012 JanOsaka Prefecture, 2012, "Intellectual Property Award Project", Second Prize
SepMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry (NEDO), Adopted the development business about the synthesis bf silver nano particles
SepMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry (NEDO), Adopted the development business about biomass liquification by hydrothermal oxidation
OctJapan Science and Technology Agency, program A-Step, Adopted the development business about the synthesis of copper nano particles
2014 JanStarted manufacturing the multilayer graphene "iGurafen"
JunOsaka prefecture certified the graphene business as management innovation project
2016 JanStarted manufacturing the zirconium oxide nano particles "Zirconeo"
2017 JulStarted manufacturing the transparent screen "Palumylu"
2018 AugHead office relocation (Kaisan-cho, Sakai) and establishment of Hamadera factory
2020 May Certification regarding BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
Jun Osaka prefecture certified the CO2 utilization business as management innovation project
2021 Feb Adopted for manufacturing subsidy
Jun Adopted for small and medium enterprise business restructuring promotion subsidy
2023 Sep Certified as a company that has achieved its plan for management innovation (Osaka Prefecture)

Compliance guidelines

Business activities

We will contribute to society by providing safe and excellent quality products and services, and will carry out legal, proper and sensible corporate activities.

  • Strive to provide safe and superior quality products and services.
  • In our business activities, we will comply with the Antimonopoly Act, conduct fair and free competition between companies, and comply with various laws and regulations such as the Subcontract Act and the Construction Business Act.
  • Gifts and entertainment with public officials and business partners will not violate laws and regulations or deviate from the scope of common wisdom.
  • Properly carry out accounting and tax processing in accordance with relevant laws, accounting standards, and company rules.
  • When dealing with foreign countries, we will comply with import / export laws and local laws.

Relationship between company and society

We will endeavor to protect the environment and coexist with society as a good corporate citizen.

  • We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and strive to protect the environment.
  • Resolutely respond to antisocial forces.

Relationship between company and employees

While the company ensures a safe and healthy working environment, employees clearly distinguish between public and private, and perform their duties in good faith in compliance with laws and internal rules.

  • The company will comply with labor-related laws and regulations and strive to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Comply with internal rules such as work rules.
  • Do not discriminate or sexually harass.
  • We will properly manage trade secrets and will not disclose them without permission.

Support cooperation groups / organizations

Osaka Industrial Promotion Organization, Osaka Prefecture Commerce and Labor Department, Chemical Research and Evaluation Organization, Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center, Sakai City Industrial Promotion Bureau Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Sakai City Chamber of Commerce, Small and Medium Enterprise Infrastructure Development Organization, Tohoku Economy Industrial Bureau, Chemical Industry Association, Supercritical Fluid Subcommittee, Tohoku University Material Valley, MOBIO Manufacturing Business Center Osaka, Kansai Network System, Filler Study Group, Osaka Municipal Industrial Research Institute, Osaka University, Osaka Prefectural Technology Association, Osaka Prefectural Industrial Technology General Research Institute, Osaka Public University, Osaka Industrial Creation Center, Kansai University, Kyoto University, Kobe University, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Agricultural and Industrial University, Doshisha University, Tohoku University, Tohoku Techno Arch, Hokkaido University