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Supercritical CO₂ cleaning system No liquid waste. No drying process required.

Cleaning technology using the dissolving power of supercritical CO₂ is attracting attention in a wide range of fields as an environmentally friendly technology. Supercritical CO₂ has low surface tension, allowing it to penetrate into tight spaces and to clean semiconductor parts and precision components without destroying their microstructure.


  • No drying process required
  • Easy to recycle and reuse cleaning liquid
  • No need to dispose of cleaning waste


Design pressure10MPa
Design temperature40℃
Cleaning vessel volume12L

System configuration

  • Cleaning vessel (with external heater and auto-open/close lid)
  • Liquid CO₂ supply tank (with built-in condenser)
  • Waste liquid recovery tank (with built-in heater)
  • Chiller (5.5kw)
  • Filter (switchable)
  • Controller (touch panel)


  • Operating range is from subcritical to supercritical
  • Separates carbon dioxide gas and residue contained in cleaning effluent
  • Carbon dioxide gas is liquefied and reused
  • Residue is highly concentrated because it does not contain washing solution

Object to be cleaned

  • Textiles: Garment cleaning, removal of residual toxic substances
  • Precision parts : Oil removal, solvent removal
  • Semiconductor : Wafer, resist film removal, IT parts cleaning


  • Capable of cleaning water- and heat-sensitive parts
  • No drying time required
  • Composite assemblies can be cleaned


  • CO₂ recovery system
  • Display monitor

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