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View cell for high temperature and high pressure fluids High-temperature, high-pressure fluids can be directly observed

This system was developed to visualize fluids in high temperature and high pressure environments. It is capable of observing the formation process of nanoparticles, and there is also an example of observing the mixing state using a high-speed camera. The cell itself has a temperature-control heater. It can be used in combination with other devices or as a stand-alone device.


  • Minimize the flow path volume to make the device compact
  • Flow path pattern can be selected
  • Can be installed in other apparatus
  • Temperature and pressure gauge*
  • Fluid temperature control system*
  • Flow path patterm (several types)*



Maximum pressure25MPa
Maximum temperature380℃
Fluid temperature20~380℃


Mixing of supercritical water and room temperature water (30MPa, 400℃/20℃) Y-shaped flow path
Video(600 fps)

Flow analysis and simulation using a high-speed camera

The system was installed in our hydrothermal synthesizer (MOMI super mini) at Tohoku University, and flow analysis and simulation of the mixing section were conducted using a high-speed camera. Through video analysis using a high-speed camera, the state of mixing of multiple fluids, the state of the reaction field, and other aspects of the fluid that could not be confirmed until now can be confirmed.

View cell for reactors


  • Reactions and other behaviors under high temperature and high pressure can be visualized.
  • Various customizations are possible.
  • Since it comes with a heater, it can be used alone by using a pressure control valve.
(Explanation video in Japanese)


Designed pressureMAX 25MPa
Designed temperatureMAX 380℃
Fluid temperature20-380℃

Camera setup



Supercritical water treatment of zirconium carbonate.
The volume is shrinking due to the dehydration reaction.

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