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Supercritical CO₂ extraction System Commercial plant

Supercritical extraction is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly process that utilizes the dissolving power of supercritical carbon dioxide to extract active substances without the use of organic solvents. Below is an example of a large-scale plant on a commercial basis. Since it does not need to be processed at high temperature, it is easy to handle heat-sensitive substances. Since carbon dioxide is harmless, it is suitable for food extraction. Supercritical carbon dioxide is nonpolar and has properties similar to organic solvents such as hexane.


  • Operating pressure: 50MPa
  • Volume of extractor: 250L x2
  • Enables the extraction of new functional ingredients from various raw materials, including unutilized resources.
    We will meet the demand for foods, beverages, cosmetics, and quasi-drugs in the fields of lifestyle-related diseases and beauty & health care.

Flow diagram


  • Food: Extraction of specific ingredients, removal of pesticide residues, sterilization
  • Pharmaceuticals: Extraction of specific ingredients, residual solvent removal
  • Fragrance: Extraction of specific ingredients, rectification
  • Environment: Removal of hazardous contaminants

Two-stage separator
Clutch type lid opening and closing

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