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Employment Information

Employment Opportunities

(1) Mechanical engineers (full-time)

  • Development and design of supercritical fluid application device

Qualification requirements

  1. Graduate or above (university or college) machine related department
  2. Person with experience of mechanical design and drafting
  3. It is desirable if you have knowledge and experience of any of the following
  • CAD
  • Mechanical strength calculation
  • Thermal calculation of the heat exchanger
  • High Pressure Gas Safety Act

(2) Electrical Engineers (full-time)

Qualification requirements

  1. Graduate or above (university or college) Electrical related department
  2. It is desirable if you have experience and qualifications of one of the following
  • Qualification of the second kind electrical worker or more
  • CAD
  • Electrical work supervision and electrical design
  • Sequence ladder design

(3) Sales Staff (full-time)

The purpose is to introduce our products and technology. We prefer that you have knowledge of chemistry, and engineering, but anyone can learn.

Openings available:several persons

How to apply:Please mail CV (photo attached) to General Affairs Department

Flow of the selection:

  1. Resume sending, applicant screening
  2. Written test, interview (Please bring the Graduate Certificate and credentials etc.)

Work location:Headquarters (Sakai).

Working hours:9:00 to 18:00 (8 hours)

Salaries and treatment:annual income example: \ 5,600,000 / 36 years old, joined in 12 years

Benefits:travel expenses paid (our regulations), various social insurance

Holiday holiday:Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, summer, year-end and New Year holidays


For inquiries about the adoption, please contact us to Affairs Department
(TEL :072-226-8853).