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We have succeeded in the creation of hybrid material that has been impossible until now as well as the development of devices to synthesize a large amount of organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles. Our technology, born out of a participation in national projects and university-industry collaboration has been attracting attention in the world.

The products and technologies of ITEC have developed through the mutual communication of our customers and researchers. Development is a need driven process. But a lot of customers did not know that their needs could be met.

ITEC technology is now supporting many areas of manufacturing, such as the food, energy, automobile, pharmaceutics, and consumer electronics. This can be applied not only the product themselves, but also the production line, production method, exhaust heat control, exhaust gas treatment, recycling of the waste materials, and so on. We also support the research institutes and universities.

Your technical challenges, or manufacturing method that may be thought to be the accepted practice, will be revolutionarily changed by our technology.
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