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Site Policy

This website is run and managed by ITEC Co. LTD, (hereinafter “our company”).
Please read the following conditions of use carefully and use our website only after agreement.
If a customer uses our website, it is understood that they agree to all conditions of use.

1. Handling of Personal Information

Please refer to the Privacy Policy on this site, on the following page.

Privacy policy

2. Copyright and Trademark.

We, and the rightful claimant that gave our company permission of use, have the intellectual property rights to all information placed on our website, such as, design, layout, logo mark, character, and trademark. Customers can use our website only within the boundaries that do not infringe on these rights.
Please do not make any reproduction without the prior permission of the rightful claimant.

3. Information that We Offer

We make every effort to publish the latest, accurate information that may be beneficial to our customers. However, some information offered on this website cannot be guaranteed for it’s reliability, accuracy, and/or usefulness so that no unexpected damage or problem ever occurs to the user. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for any damage or trouble that may occurred to the user, by the user’s actions based on the information on this website.

4. Browsing Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any damage or trouble to software, hardware, or contamination due to computer virus that may be caused by the use of this website. Any damage, such as loss or corruption of data, loss of profit and damage by troubles that may be produced between third parties and the user is not our responsibility.

5. Inquiry from Customer

We are not responsible in the event an e-mail, document, or billing requested from the customer, does not reach us due to malfunction or accident within the internet.

6. Change of Publication Contents

ITEC may add, change and/or remove information, service contents and addresses on our website without telling the customer beforehand. We do not take any responsibility for content published on bulletin boards on this website. If the content written on a bulletin board includes inappropriate content, we may delete all or part of the contents without telling the user beforehand.

7. Link to our website

If you wish to link to the top page of our website, please contact the webmaster using the following inquiry form. If we judge the link to be inappropriate, such as comments against public order and morals, adult material, or content slandering our company, we will decline the link.