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Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of personal information protection and make legal adherence and consider it a social obligation to give it our attention. We decide our privacy policy for the sake of our customer’s safety and peace of mind and we follow it strictly.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

When we receive personal information from a visitor, we state the purpose and use of the personal information clearly beforehand. However, this is omitted in the following cases.

  1. When we receive personal information by inquiry through our website, telephone, FAX, or E-mail.
  2. When we exchange personal information with business cards.

2. Range of Personal Information

When we receive personal information from customers, the following is usually included;

  1. name, workplace of the customer, and contact information
    (telephone, FAX, e-mail address, address).

3. Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

When we use personal information provided to us from the customer it’s within the following boundaries.

  1. For customer registration from a phone call or an E-mail
  2. To send mail, or the notice of an event, service, or campaign
  3. To contact the customer
  4. For the purpose of improving our services to the customer, we may ask information. However, in that case, we will make the purpose clear beforehand.

4. Disclosure of the Personal Information to a Third Party

Personal information provided to us by the customer is not disclosed to any third party except in the following cases.

  1. We obtain consent from the customer, or in some case where law or regulation requires disclosure to the relevant agencies.
  2. Of the above, we disclose it in way that does not reveal the identity of the customer.

5. Shared Use of Personal Data

We may disclose personal information from the customer to outsourced contractors to the extent necessary to complete that operation. Disclosure of the name and address of the customer to the company responsible for shipment and delivery service is customary.

6. Safety Management of Personal Information


We have established a management representative for the management of personal information from the customer. We make every effort to prevent outflow of personal information to the outside. We cannot take responsibility for ensuring safety of personal information through third party website links. Please confirm the privacy policies and protection of the personal information and management for each link that is a concern to you.

7. Change of the Policy

If a change of policy occurs regarding the receiving of personal information, the range, or purpose of use we will post it on our website and inform you of the latest information.