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Message from President

株式会社アイテック 代表取締役社長 飯田?勝康 In Japan, where I was born, nature is wonderful and each of the four seasons adds to the abundance in our life. Even in extreme cold places, like the north and south poles, there is thriving abundant life. We must protect the environment of our wonderful earth, while we maintain prosperity and move toward the future. Building a sustainable recycling-oriented society is required from us.
My keywords, when considering the needed energy sources for a sustainable recycling-oriented society are sun, water, and air.
And ecology and technology are keywords for developing technology.

We have been developing apparatus and creating new materials in the reaction field of water- carbon dioxide under a supercritical condition utilizing the high-temperature and high pressure technology. This development began as a industry - university cooperation initiative. After a decade of development, it has moved into the stage of having practical use. Environment and energy related businesses will continue to grow more and more. We will endeavor to contribute to the world through the technology of functional nanoparticle synthesis which will be required to build a sustainable recycling-oriented society.

I thank you for your continuous support. If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact us.

1 July 2012
ITEC Co.Ltd.
Masayasu Iida, President