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High pressure pump

High pressure pump

Linear cam, dual plunger high pressure pump
Minimum pulsation discharge with built in pulse damper


Safety device

Automatic shut down when abnormal high pressure by pressure transmitter

Check valve

  • Double check valve
    Good for low viscosity liquid such as hexane, acetone, sulfuric acid, chloroform, etc. or dense solution.
    Good for solution including micro capsules etc.
    Good for pumping very small amount
  • S check valve type
    Good for other solution (Standard)

Back side plunger seal cleaning

Durable for high salt concentration solution and high acid solution, since back side of the plunger can be cleaned.

  IT-6010SZ2 IT-6020SZ2 IT-6010SZP2 IT-6020SZP2
Type of discharge Liner cam, dual plunger discharge
Flow range mℓ/min
0.01~9.99 0.1~20.0 0.01~9.99 0.1~20.0
Accuracy less than
less than
less than
less than
1% (10mℓ/min)
Maximum pressure 35Mpa 35Mpa 49.5Mpa 49.5Mpa
Pipe size inlet:3mm outlet:1/16
Liquid contact material SUS316, zirconia, PEEK, sapphire, ruby, Teflon, COP PEEK, sapphire, ruby, Teflon, COP
Communication interface External flow setting and pressure setting by DC voltage Pump RUN / STOP input Pressure limiter reset input Pressure monitor output Pump RUN / STOP output Pressure limiter output
Dimension in mm 140W×170H×3700
Weight in kg 8kg
Power supply AC100、120、220、240V 50/60HZ 2A
Ambient temperature 4~35℃(no dew condensation)