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Devices for MOMI-cho
Visualization cell for high temperature and high pressure
Patent pending


This devise has been developed for the purpose of fluid analysis for mixing status at high temperature and high pressure field.
If you prepare high speed camera the observation and simulation becomes possible for particle processing at nano particle synthesis.


  • Compact design by minimizing flow path
  • Desired path pattern is possible
  • Can be installed in existing system
  • Can be installed on pressurized vessel and inside visualizing path

Equipment specification

  • Designed pressure: 30MPa
  • Designed temperature: 450℃
  • Liquid temperature: 20~400℃
  • Temperature can be determined by each liquid


  • Temperature sensor and pressure sensor
  • Liquid temperature controlling system
  • Fluid path (various)

Adaptation example

  • Observation of supercritical water (30MPa / fluid 1: 400℃ fluid 2: 20℃)
  • Two fluid Y type mixing

  • Fluid-analysis video (600 shots / second)

  • Visualizing cell (φ16 cross)



Visualizing cell was installed in the hydrothermal synthesis system (MOMI-cho mini) at Tohoku University with a high speed camera for observation. Mixing status and reaction status are able to made by the observation.