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Quality policy
It considered us Itec to be "the bases of craftsmanship" that it can move aside in the product trusted in the free way of thinking which is not caught by the existing frame centering on international standards and service. We always do not forget our initial earnest intention, but we are working so that a visitor can satisfy - "ecology & science" through goods "for a customer ."
It combines with quality stabilization of the product and service which strives for incongruent recurrence prevention and it provides, and gives priority to striving for improved quality by the continuous improvement of a quality management system.
■Action policy
  • All the employees in an organization are made well-known to them, and aware of the importance of satisfying observance of the laws and regulations required of a product, and a customer's requirements.
  • All workers in an organization are made to drive a quality policy home.
  • It is made to carry out by making each section in an organization set the adjusted quality objective to a quality policy.
  • A management review is held in order to check and maintain the validity of the quality management system containing a quality policy and a quality objective.
  • The management resources which are needed in a quality plan are clarified, and are offered.