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Supercritical CO2
Supercritical CO2 extraction plant

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology


Two-step separation unit
By using the solvent power of the (CO2) supercritical carbon dioxide, with the extraction of active ingredients, the removal and separation of the remaining impure component happens.

Without using organic solvents, this is attracting attention in the environment- friendly 21st century. Operation at room temperature is possible, so handling heat sensitive materials is easy. There is no irritation. It is harmless. And it is suitable for the extraction of food. Carbon has no polarity and it’s properties are similar to organic solvents such as hexane and pentane.

Specification and feature of extraction plant

Operating pressure:50MPa supercritical CO2 extraction plant
Extractor vessel:250L×2sets
Extraction of a new functional ingredient is enabled from the various materials containing untapped natural resources. It responds to the demand of the food, the drink,
the cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and foods for specified health use in the field of a lifestyle-related disease and beauty & health care.

Flow chart of supercritical CO2


Applicable field

Quick open / close system
Food field
     Extraction of high value-added product / Residual-agricultural-chemicals removal / Sterilization
Medical-supplies field
    Extraction of a high value-added product / Residual solvent removal
Spice field
    Extraction of a high value-added product / Rectification
Environmental field
    Removal of a harmful contaminant