High pressure slurry pumps

Our slurry pump can feed the slurry into a high pressure line. The slurry pump consists of cylinders, a plunger pump that supply the water to the cylinder, and a raw material tank. The slurry in the cylinders pumped by the water supply at a maximum pressure of 30MPa. The cylnders and the raw material tank have a stirrer to make the slurry homogeneous. Slurry supply from the raw material tank to the cylinders can be made by compressed air. Double cylinder type can be operated continuously; the slurry feeding will not stop when either cylinder is empty. After operation, disassembly and cleaning the cylinder is easy. We also have slurry pumps that can feed biomass slurries or slurries contains magnetic particle.

    schematic diagram    

The mechanism of the slurry pump (single cylinder type)

Our products

  Single cylinder type Double cylinder type Double cylinder type (for
biomass/magnetic particle slurry)
Feature Simple feeding Uninterrupted feeding Special slurry feeding
max Pressure (MPa) 30 30 30
max Feeding rate (ml/min) 10 10 or 100 10 or 100
Number of cylinders 1 2 2
Volume of cylinder (ml) 200 200 200
Stirrer Magnetic type Magnetic type Impeller type
Operation Manual Auto Auto
Size (w/o chiller) W550 x D550 x H1170 W1190 x D600 x H1350 W1450 x D800 x H1700

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