Zirconia (ZrO2) nano particle "Zirconeo"

ITEC's zirconia nano particle "Zirconeo" is synthesized by supercritical hydrothermal method.
We provide the Zirconeo powder and Zirconeo dispersion.
Zirconeo is available for high refractive index materials.

Zirconeo nano powder Zirconeo dispersion
·Primary particle diameter is <10 nm.
·Dominant crystal structure of Zirconeo powder is tetragonal.
·We also have yttria stabilized ZrO2.
·Primary particle diameter is <10 nm.
·The dispersion is transparent.
·High compatibility with UV resin.

Properties of Zirconeo

TEM images Particle size distribution X-ray diffraction

Specifications (dispersion)

  Zirconeo-Cw (water dispersion) Zirconeo-Ck (MEK based dispersion)
Solvent water MEK 80%, MeOH 20%
ZrO2 concentration 30wt%
Dispersant Yes, No(acidification) Yes
Appearance transparent
Primary particle diameter <10nm
Secondary particle diameter(D50) 19nm
Particle form spherical
Dispersions of other solvents can also be provided.


Thin coating on acrylic plate

Concentration in the layer 70wt%
Refractive index 1.65
Gloss(20°/60°) 229/205
Haze 1%

Test condition
UV: 1500mJ/cm2, thickness: 4-6μm, binder: Pentaerythritol triacrylate

Thermoplastic pellets

Acrylic plate with Zirconeo

Left(Zirconeo), Right(conventional ZrO2, half concentration of left sample)

Other uses

Optical film, light guide plate, prism sheet, dental materials, sensors, etc.

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