Multi layer graphene "iGurafen"

ITEC's multilayer graphene "iGurafen" is manufactured using high-temperature and high-pressure technologies. Because the raw material is natural graphite, low-cost mass production is achieved.

Large-area multi-layer graphene powder

The thickness of iGurafen-α is about 10-30 nm (30-100 layers graphene) and the diameter is several ten μm (iGurafen-α). This large diameter brings high thermal and electrical conductivity in the composite materials.

  iGurafen-α iGurafen-Σ iGurafen-αS
Color Black Black Black
Surface treatment No Yes No
Thickness 10-30nm 10-30nm 10-30nm
Diameter 10-100 μm 10-100 μm ~10 μm
BET[m2/g] 20-27 20 20-27
Oil absorption[cc/g] 4.5 8 2.5
Bulk density 0.03 0.02 0.09

Properties of iGurafen

TEM images TEM images Raman spectrum
Powder (very thin sheet) Dispersion iGurafen has less crystal defects due to the small D-band peak.

Examples of composites

Epoxy resin

Sample preparation

Conductivity (xy-plane)
Filler Thermal conductivity [W/mK] Electrical conductivity [Ω cm]
0wt% 0.3 insulation
iGurafen-α 50wt% 103 2.8x10-3
graphene(company A) 50wt% 12 2.8x10-2
CNT(company B) 50wt% 1.2 9.7x10+1

Silicone rubber

iGurafen-α 30wt% sheet
Highly flexible and conductive (10-1 [Ω cm])

Pulp (Paper)

This paper(NBKP) contains iGurafen-α. The sheet resistivities are 50Ω/□ (30wt%) and 8Ω/□ (50wt%). This paper can be available for heaters and electromagnetic shieldings.

iGurafen dispersion

We provide the dispersion treatment not only for iGurafen but also for your another carbon materials by wet jet mill (chamber pressure 240MPa max). In the case of iGurafen, 10wt%(water with dispersant) and 5wt%(IPA, MEK, toluene, NMP etc, w/o dispersant) are available.

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